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We know the success of our business is about more than checking the boxes. It relies on the intangible qualities of the people who work here.


  • We’re curious people, and we love to learn. It’s why we’re in this line of work in the first place.
  • We immerse ourselves in our clients’ business so we can understand your challenges.
  • We are never satisfied with the status quo and are always willing to experiment with new approaches and techniques to improve results.


  • We enjoy variety in our work and we appreciate a good puzzle. We can always find a way to get things done and pride ourselves on unique solutions.
  • We are agile and can change course – or even throw out the script – to ensure we’re meeting your true objectives.


  • While we strive to make you smarter, we also believe we can learn from you. We’re open to your ideas. After all, you are the expert in your business.
  • We care about your business decisions, and helping you make informed choices is what makes us tick.

Get to Know Our Team

Kip Creel
Founder & President

Andrea Martin
Staff Moderator

Camily Williams
Client Manager

Brooke Wenzel
Client Service Operations