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Does your organization need a responsive helping hand when conducting do-it-yourself research? Our consultants are available to assist with project scoping, reviewing discussion guides and questionnaires, interview coaching, and more. This is the best way to offer your team the training and support they need to elevate customer understanding across the organization. Blocks of time can be booked according to your needs. Contact us for more details.

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A More Human Approach

Successful innovation relies on the ideas and feedback of real people. Each person has unique abilities that can be leveraged throughout the innovation process, from understanding needs, to brainstorming, to building product concepts.

In this workshop, your team will learn how to improve the selection of consumers involved in your FEI efforts. In doing so, you improve their overall engagement, achieve deeper insights, and deliver better results.

In addition to improving the outcome of your innovation research, knowledge of innovation archetypes provides a roadmap for your team’s skills.

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Insight Driven Innovation

Marketing and R&D teams are under pressure to generate new revenue and profit. Many teams are overwhelmed by the request, and struggle with best practices.

The key is to look beyond consumer, customer, and end-user needs and pain points. Today, successful commercialization depends on a deep understanding of what motivates people to act.

In this highly-interactive and hands-on workshop, your team will learn how today’s best innovators leverage a deep and intuitive understanding of consumers/customers/end users to launch winning products and services.

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Mastering the Healthcare Ecosystem

The U.S. Healthcare System is vast, complex, and dynamic. For those new to the industry, it can take months, even years to comprehend the terminology, stakeholders, and value drivers. In this hugely popular 2-hour workshop, we provide an easy-to-understand framework for deciphering the provider and payer relationship. Of particular importance is understanding how our system is funded and how the money flows. In doing so, the marketer can more easily grasp the motivations, value drivers, and barriers to purchase among providers, hospital systems, clinicians, and support staff.

StandPoint has a 20+ year track record in the industry domestically and internationally and is lauded for its ability to get new marketers up speed quickly on this exciting yet frustratingly complex industry.

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