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Our Team

Kip Creel, President & Founder

KIP CREEL is the president and founder of StandPoint.  Kip has chief responsibility for business development and methodology and is the firm’s overall research supervisor. Prior to founding StandPoint in 2002, Kip spent 8 years at another Atlanta-based market research firm in positions of increasing responsibility, including Director of Research and Vice President.

Previously, Kip worked for a division of Merck Pharmaceuticals and InfoQuest, a clinical research organization, in analytical roles.

Kip is a thought leader in insight-driven innovation and is a frequent speaker for Stage-Gate® International. He teaches marketing management in an executive education program affiliated with Texas A&M University.

Kip holds a BS in Microbiology and Statistics and an MBA in Hospital Administration from The University of Florida.

Andrea Martin, Staff Moderator

ANDREA MARTIN’s more than 20 years of experience in market research, advertising, and design make her well suited to discover the insights and ideas essential to innovation. Her warm personality and easygoing nature build instant rapport with study participants.

In her prior role as internal moderator at Georgia-Pacific, she worked across multiple product and service categories, and delivered results in ideation, concept development, product development, and product launch.

Andrea utilizes a variety of moderating techniques and combines those with an enthusiasm and passion for understanding what motivates people. Andrea’s effectiveness as a moderator is based on an acute attention to detail and a high-level of preparation and empathy-building for each assignment.

Camily Williams, Client Service Manager

In the six years that CAMILY WILLIAMS has been with StandPoint, she has excelled as a project manager and has begun her development as a moderator.

In her tenure with StandPoint, Camily has become the preferred project manager for several of our healthcare clients because of her creativity, attention to detail, and command of clinical subject matter.

Prior to StandPoint, Camily attended the University of Georgia and was an honor graduate with a major in English and Communication Studies.

Brooke Wenzel, Client Service Operations

BROOKE WENZEL excels in client services and managing operations; with her personability and strong communication, time management, and organizational skills.

Driven by being detail oriented, she takes pride in her dedication to providing the best client experience possible.

Brooke has been recognized by colleagues for her extraordinary commitment to her projects and clients’ satisfaction.

Team FAQs

What is your superpower?

  • Kip: I often say my biggest strength and my biggest weakness is that I’m an idea guy. Sometimes they are good and sometimes not so good. Thankfully, I surround myself with people that are good at execution!
  • Andrea: My innate way of genuinely engaging and empathizing with people
  • Camily: I’m a quick study, and I’m able to understand and digest technical subject matter.
  • Brooke: As Kip says, plate spinning! Multi-tasking is my superpower. The key to multi-tasking is being hyper organized.
What’s the most fascinating place you’ve traveled?

  • Kip: I’d have to say Taiwan. It is a young and very proud democracy with traditional Chinese and aboriginal cultures all mashed into one.
  • Andrea: The Greek temples throughout Greece, especially the temple of Poseidon and the Minoan Castle/Crete. Followed closely by Pompeii, Italy.
  • Camily: Marrakesh is a city I wasn’t planning to visit, but I’m so glad I did. It’s a crossroads of so many languages and cultures, and it’s full of beautiful buildings and gardens.
  • Brooke: NYC! I fell in love with it the first time I visited. In another life, I believe that’s where I’d belong.
Do you speak a foreign language?

  • Kip: Not very well. Growing up in Florida I fumbled my way with Spanish. I studied French and read it far better than I speak it.
  • Andrea: A little Spanish & French. I wish I knew more and started younger. I tried…
  • Camily: I started studying French in elementary school and earned a minor in French in college. It’s a beautiful language!
  • Brooke: Some Spanish, but not enough to get me by!
What’s a place that’s next on your travel list?

  • Kip: Too many to mention but Chile, Argentina, and Turkey are high on my list. I have friends in Argentina and no excuse for not going.
  • Andrea: Asia! (Southeast Asia or Japan)
  • Camily: Montreal
  • Brooke: London, Barcelona, Iceland
What’s a place you’ve visited that you would go back to in a heartbeat?

  • Kip: The Oregon Coast in the Winter. Scenically breathtaking, not overrun with people, whale watching, great hiking, winter storms, awesome.
  • Andrea: Hawaii, Italy, France, Maine, and Quebec City
  • Camily: Oxford, England and La Jolla, California
  • Brooke: Maine. The scenery, the weather, and the people are all unmatched.
What’s a personal goal of yours?

  • Kip: Growing up in the Deep South, I had a colorful childhood and a whole host of eccentric characters in my life. I think it would all be great fodder for a book!
  • Andrea: More philanthropic work with children and/or animals
  • Camily: To run a marathon
  • Brooke: To volunteer more and be more creative.

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