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Work with us on a custom research assignment

Give Us Your Toughest Problems - We Love a Challenge!

Investing in a custom research solution is a big commitment of time and money.

As such, we will guide you through an extensive scoping process to ensure complete alignment on your business objectives and decisions to be made. The scoping process will address the following topics:

  • The exact business problem or issue
  • Decisions the research will support
  • Internal users of the research and their expected application of the results
  • Alignment to existing strategy or stated goals

Once we have identified these parameters, we will develop the learning objectives. From there, we will present a detailed proposal restating our understanding of your business objectives and learning objectives and providing a detailed study plan, which will address:

  • Who we will engage and why
  • How and where we will engage them
  • How long it will take
  • And how much it will cost

Example Assignment for Filling Your New Products Pipeline
Execute the SCORE process and fill your pipeline with high-potential ideas and concepts

  • Develop a customer or end-user driven innovation roadmap that is durable for 3+ years
  • Identify and validate opportunity areas
  • Fill your idea bank with hundreds of ideas
  • Develop high-potential product concepts
  • Validate demand for these ideas

Example Assignment for Differentiated Product Positioning
Execute a customized assignment to achieve the most impactful positioning for your new product launch or repositioning of an existing product

  • Identify and validate your target customer
  • Discover the beliefs and motivators that will prompt your target customer to act
  • Ensure your product is uniquely differentiated
  • Validate and prioritize the functional and emotional benefits
  • Clarify your frame of reference
  • Prioritize the claims/RTBs that drive credibility