Award-Winning Tools

SCORE: Fill your new products pipeline

Our award-winning process for managing the front-end of innovation from insight generation, development of an innovation roadmap, concept-building, concept testing, and prototype testing. Learn more >> 

WE: Get deeper feedback from consumers

A group discussion designed to better understand motivations and emotional drivers, with the speed and convenience of traditional focus groups. Learn more >> 

QUARTET: A quick boost of creative ideas

Ideation and problem-solving approach based on harnessing the natural gifts and abilities of each participant. A four-step, repeatable framework designed to maximize engagement and the number of breakthrough ideas. Learn more >> 

TEAMBUILDER: Improving the people part of our assignments

Our behavioral sciences framework that includes a proprietary assessment to identify innovation archetypes. It’s a secondary screening tool in consumer research used to select team participants and maximize the results of ideation, co-creation, focus groups, and other group experiences. Learn more >> 

CHOOSEOLOGY: A smart, modern way to test product concepts

Software that evaluates well-developed product concepts in a simulated e-commerce environment and captures multiple implicit and explicit parameters that are highly-correlated to choice. An alternative to less-reliable concept tests and purchase intent. Learn more >>