Our primary job is to ensure the voice & ideas of real people guide your decision making

Smarter Decision Making

Smarter Decision Making

We know that actionability of study findings is the best measure of success. As such, we employ a thorough process to understand your business objectives and the decisions you are faced with making. Our strength is designing a customized study directly aligned with these decisions.

Going Beyond User Needs

Through ethnography, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and online discussions, StandPoint has an impressive track record of identifying users’ articulated and unarticulated needs.

Our behavioral-based approaches such as We© (a modern revamp of the traditional focus group) enable us to understand the motivations, beliefs, and emotions that drive behavior and choice.

Rapid Pipeline Fill

The early steps in the innovation process can seem fuzzy and mysterious. Many companies struggle in realizing user insights, identifying needs, generating quality ideas, and acting on the information gathered.

We provide the structure and guidance to fill your pipeline quickly and well. Our award-winning SCORE process will help you take those first steps with confidence.


We have a strong quantitative toolkit to help you and users make choices and understand the pricing ramifications of preferences. We rely on a number of quantitative methods such as Key Drivers, Max Diff, and Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis.

Generate More and Better Ideas

Our Quartet© ideation process ensures that we maximize the natural abilities of team participants. As a result, we generate 2X the ideas versus traditional ideation methods.

Some organizations are drowning in ideas but struggle with converting the raw material into concepts. We also organize highly-effective workshops for internal teams or get your users involved in concept building and problem solving. These approaches align your innovation team around the unique value proposition critical to commercialization success.

Align Learning to Your Innovation Process

The best innovators are those who value constant learning about the people and markets they serve. We can assist you in developing a research strategy for navigating the fuzzy front-end that aligns with the requirements of your innovation process. We’ll show you what you need to learn at each step and the options for doing so.

Activate Your Learning

Teams often need a process to become aligned on the insights and needs generated by a study. Alignment is an essential precursor to ideation and concept-building. After studying a user, we’ll help you turn that knowledge into action with highly-engaging workshops.