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Get the ball rolling on a major assignment with an on-site workshop

Onsite Workshops

Client Favorite

Filling Your New Products Pipeline

  • Scope your innovation assignment
  • Decide on priorities
  • Develop preliminary opportunity areas based on past research/institutional knowledge
  • Ideate with your team
  • Develop a learning plan to validate opportunities and ideas
  • Build team alignment on priorities

Client Favorite

Differentiated Product Positioning 

(for new or existing products)

  • Refresh on positioning basics
  • Develop a positioning framework
  • Build organizational capability
  • Roll-up institutional knowledge and ideas among the cross-functional team
  • Ideate with your team
  • Develop preliminary positioning concepts
  • Build team alignment on priorities

Our Kickstart Workshops are customizable to your unique needs. Other popular workshop titles include: Finding Growth Opportunities for Existing Products and Technologies & Mapping Complex Buying and Selling Ecosystems.