We excel at maximizing the engagement of
study participants

Improving the People Part of Innovation

Breakthrough innovation requires a deep understanding of people, and StandPoint pioneered a more human approach to innovation research. Based on the principles of behavioral archetypes, our unique methods are proven to maximize the engagement of study participants. Better engagement leads to deeper insights and better results.

What’s in it for you?

  • Improved process for identifying the accepted beliefs that are essential to concepts
  • Highly-effective team ideation
  • Empathetic understanding of those who use your products
  • Quick assembly of ideas into concepts
  • Improved sensing of behaviors and unarticulated needs during ethnography

We Only Focus on Innovation

Why choose us? Because we understand innovation from beginning to end: the steps involved, the information needed, and how to acquire and act on that information.

The breadth of our knowledge also explains why we are a partner with Stage-Gate® International. Our honed and field-tested methods are “plug-and-play,” so we can get up and running within your innovation process quickly. You can rely on us to identify the most effective and creative ways to engage the people whose feedback you need.

We’re Great Storytellers

StandPoint puts a great deal of emphasis on delivering study results with impact. Our clients are busy and want us to communicate what they need to know succinctly and visually.

When we can, we rely on resources beyond PowerPoint such as videographers, graphic designers, actors, and voice-over talent to ensure that the study findings get noticed and get used.

We’ll Give You Our Point of View

Our goal is to help you think differently about your business and to give you the confidence to take action. When you work with us, you’ll not only receive the “data,” but also our take on things: Our StandPoint. It is our unique perspective that includes specific recommendations for next steps.

Unique to the industry is our one-page Our StandPoint summary, which appears in our final reports and presentations. It quickly summarizes the most impactful learning for your team. A busy executive can read this one-page digest and short executive summary, take action, and feel satisfied that the research investment was a wise one.