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How We Can Help

Pick the Right Opportunities

Fill your pipeline with the highest potential ideas

Many companies struggle to identify and prioritize opportunities, generate quality ideas, and pick the highest potential projects. Our award-winning SCORE framework will guide you from opportunity identification to validation of prototypes. If you just need a quick boost of creative ideas, our Quartet ideation process yields 2X the results over traditional approaches.

Find growth opportunities for existing products & technologies

Research can identify and optimize the factors leading to profitable incremental growth: the potential for new target markets, ways to appeal to new target customers, and the impact of adding or deleting features and benefits.

Impactful Marketing and Selling

Differentiate your products

With the proliferation of information overload, product positioning is more important than ever. Research can better define the target audience, sort out the primary motivations leading to purchase, and ensure focus on the most important functional and emotional benefits and reasons to believe.

Get noticed

Marketing collateral should motivate an action. Research can ensure your marketing aligns to the motivations and goals of your target customer, is focused on the right benefits and claims, and is uniquely differentiated. When your messaging hits home, it is more likely to get noticed.

Sales roadmap

When buying ecosystems are complex, research can develop a process for reaching out to the right people with the right message with the right tools. This ensures consistency among your sales team and an accelerated sales cycle.