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A highly effective ideation technique that harnesses the natural gifts & abilities of each participant

A Smart Alternative to Traditional Ideation Sessions

When it comes to ideation, not everyone’s brain works the same. That’s why we pioneered an approach to ideation designed to maximize engagement and improve the quality of contributions from ideation participants.

Using the principles of Jungian psychology as expressed in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), we maximize the natural abilities of team participants, leading to more and better-quality ideas.

How it Works

Building the Team

We use our proprietary TeamBuilder tool to identify participants as one of four innovation archetypes, each with different ideation strengths: the Problem Solver, the Creative, the Storyteller, and the Implementer.

Priming Activities

We engage participants in advance, “priming the pump” so they arrive to the session ready to engage.

Maximizing Processing & Engagement

We specifically group activities to activate the brains in the room and leverage participants’ natural strengths and abilities. Our ideation process activates both divergent and convergent thinking in an ideal sequence to lead to more and better-quality ideas.

Achieving a Successful Outcome

The result: our Quartet framework generates 2x the ideas of traditional ideation methods and leads to better engagement from the entire team.

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