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Our award-winning process for managing the front-end-of-innovation

Kickstart Your Innovation

Marketing and innovation teams are under immense pressure to generate new revenue and profit. Many teams are overwhelmed by the request, and struggle deciding where to start. An effective system for managing the front-end-of-innovation may be the right solution to kickstart your innovation.

SCORE is an insight-driven process. It relies heavily on a deep understanding of needs, value drivers, and what motivates people to act. From there, very clear opportunity areas and an innovation roadmap emerge. SCORE also includes rapid development of ideas and concepts and a process for determining which concepts should advance to development.

  • Customer or end-user driven innovation roadmap
  • Guides acquisition opportunities
  • A fast process (3-6 months)
  • “Shelf life” for 3+ years
  • Right balance of structure and flexibility to suit your unique needs
  • Easily integrates into your Stage-Gate® like process
  • More solid business cases, leading to faster movement through “early gates”
  • Inclusive process, thus increasing ownership
  • Achieves significant cross-functional team alignment
  • Designed for generating new-to-world and new-to-company solutions

Go Innovate! Now What?

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SCORE worked well for us. We were entering a new product category. We had a blank canvas, no ideas, and no current product concepts. We got a mandate from headquarters to fill our innovation pipeline QUICKLY! The fuzzy front-end is usually uncomfortable, but SCORE brought a more linear structure to the process.

We liked the rapid nature of it. The interaction with end-users during certain phases was powerful. The methods used were highly effective for team ideation. We believe it helped align the team because it involved everyone. The client team got the opportunity to hear the needs of the end-users first hand and in real-time. We were all behind it as a team, so there was no argument.

The concepts quickly passed the gates because each concept traced back to a specific need. It took the focus off the financial aspect because it was so customer-focused.”

Want to kickstart your innovation?

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