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Have You Hugged Your Provider Today?

Provider Experience

If you sell products and services to hospitals, you may be familiar with the universal value drivers such as acquisition and use costs in relationship to patient outcomes and risk reduction. Over the last five years, healthcare systems have placed a huge emphasis on patient experience realizing a multitude of quality and financial benefits. Healthcare marketers enabling and improving the patient experience have simultaneously benefited. 

Covid-19 has accelerated another value driverProvider Experience.

Even before the pandemic, clinician burnout and staff turnover were well known and documented. We are all very aware and appreciative of the heroics from our healthcare workers over the past year. We can only imagine what burnout looks like now. Sadly, the prevalence of depression, anxiety, and insomnia among healthcare workers is notably higher than the general population.

Post-pandemic, hospitals and health systems will deliberately place a significant emphasis on Provider Experience which includes overall satisfaction, willingness to refer patients, and retention. In fact, 94% of provider executives said improving provider experience is a top priority for their organizations. (Source: PwC Health Research Institute)

In line with this important value driver, we recommend a greater emphasis on the following in your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Impact on clinical workflow
  • Impact on administrative workflow
  • Tools and tips to lessen administrative burdens
  • Options and flexibility for product detailing

Better yet, have you taken an objective view of your customer experience? Great product aside, how easy do you make it to partner with providers?

As it relates to Covid-19, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. On the back side of this pandemic one thing is for sure: the way we sell products and services to hospitals will change. Now is the time to figure out how you will assert your value proposition in 2021 and beyond.

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