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The Best Moderators? A 3rd Grade Teacher!
Focus Group

The Best Moderators? A 3rd Grade Teacher!

Kip Creel / 11 Feb 2019

Part I Both of my parents were lifelong educators.  My dad earned his doctorate in the 1970’s, and I recently stumbled across some of his research papers.  He had a keen interest in learning styles and researched the topic extensively.  Many of the theories he wrote about have been scientifically proven through neuroscience, and they apply to qualitative research.  In short, if you want to...

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Agile Innovation: The Ultimate Oxymoron?
Front End of Innovation

Agile Innovation: The Ultimate Oxymoron?

Kip Creel / 30 Nov 2018

Innovation teams are under immense pressure to generate new revenue and profit, quickly.  A common criticism of front-end-of-innovation (FEI) assignments is that they are time-consuming and lack agility. Indeed, there are many ways that these assignments can “go off the rails.”  The worst possible outcome is when the cross-functional team is not aligned on the insights and opportunities.  Critical momentum is lost, launch deadlines delayed,...

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