We engage real people during your innovation process to uncover new areas of opportunity.

Our clients are those that need new-to-world and new-to-company innovations to drive growth.
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What Makes StandPoint Stand Out?

We understand people and connect with them in a deep and meaningful way, and help our clients do the same. But that’s only the beginning to what sets us apart. We’ve been:

  • Wowing clients for 17 years
  • Named Atlanta Marketer of the Year
  • Developing award-winning research methods
  • Awarded Research Partner of the Year
  • Documented our business results
  • Earned an 98% actionability rating from our clients
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Not Another Focus Group!

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Focus groups:  you either love them or hate them.  Lately, I’ve been hearing and reading more hate than love.  Frequent comments: (1) One person dominates the discussion, (2) I don’t…

Crash Someone Else’s Party

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The Secrets to Engaging B2B Professionals in User Research For the past several months, we’ve been gathering feedback from prospective clients about a new service under development.  In doing so,…

Value Creation in Healthcare

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Marketing and selling products in the healthcare system is a pain.  It is a complex ecosystem, and just about every decision is made by committee.  Finding champions and building momentum…

The Latest “Market Research” Freakout

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Several weeks ago, Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) served up this comment about “market research.” Many in our industry became defensive (literally “hair on fire”) rather than using this as…