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B2B Research Can Give You Heartburn
Market Research

B2B Research Can Give You Heartburn

Kip Creel / 24 Jan 2018

There is an encouraging trend in the growing number of B2B organizations investing in insights to fuel innovation. Scheduling and engaging industry professionals can be a real nail-biter, not to mention time-consuming and expensive. Because of these difficulties, it’s important to reconsider what is necessary to manage your nerves. . . and indigestion when doing B2B research. The research methods at our disposal will deliver either...

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I’m Not Making Any Friends
Front End of Innovation

I’m Not Making Any Friends

Kip Creel / 18 Oct 2017

I recently participated in a discussion panel at a “marketing research” conference, and I’m not sure I made many new friends. The four other panelists were talking about the importance of insights and how it is “transforming our industry.” They then went on to describe all the amazing research tools enabling “better insights.” When there was a pause, I spoke up. “In my opinion, how...

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