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I Vote for the Human Brain
Four Archetypes

I Vote for the Human Brain

Kip Creel / 21 Mar 2018

To further reinforce my geeky reputation, I’ve been reading about the advancements in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In my profession, there are voices that say Big Data and AI will automate the insights function. My opinion: these professionals still view themselves as data collectors and not data interpreters. Each advancement in technology brings better and better tools for the collection, organization, and management...

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Listen to What I Mean, Not What I Say
Market Research

Listen to What I Mean, Not What I Say

Kip Creel / 27 Feb 2018

In college, I had a chemistry professor (Dr. E) who was the epitome of the absent-minded genius. After stumbling over her words (a frequent occurrence) and seeing our perplexed faces, she’d proclaim: “Listen to what I mean — not what I say.” I was thinking about her the other day, and it occurred to me that this phrase also applies to the development of impactful...

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