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Do You Have a Lemonade Stand?
Front End of Innovation, Ideation, Market Research

Do You Have a Lemonade Stand?

Kip Creel / 22 Aug 2017

There was always high demand for something cold during the hot Florida summers where I grew up. Lemonade stands were a popular way to earn some extra cash. One summer day, a kid down the street set up a competing lemonade stand. Over the course of a few hours, I noticed my nemesis had more foot traffic, including one of my best neighborhood friends. I...

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Business people standing with question mark on boards
Focus Group, Market Research

How Are You Feeling About Your Focus Groups?

Kip Creel / 22 Jun 2017

Science has proven that the data that enters your prefrontal cortex (the logical decision-making center of your brain) is first filtered through the limbic system which is the center for your emotions.  In short, everyone feels before they think.  This is an indisputable fact of science. For those of us in the insights business, the quest is to further our understanding of the emotional drivers of...

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