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Learn What it Takes to "Amp Up" the Effectiveness of the Front-End-of-Innovation

Insight Driven Innovation

Marketing and R&D teams are under pressure to generate new revenue and profit. Many teams are overwhelmed by the request, and struggle with best practices.

The key is to look beyond consumer, customer, and end-user needs and pain points. Today, successful commercialization depends on a deep understanding of what motivates people to act.

In this highly-interactive and hands-on workshop, your team will learn how today’s best innovators leverage a deep and intuitive understanding of consumers/customers/end users to launch winning products and services.

What you will gain by completing this training:

  • A framework for managing the front-end-of-innovation that achieves the right balance of structure and flexibility
  • A process for developing opportunity areas and an innovation roadmap
  • An understanding of the power of insight-based innovation (and how an insight is different from needs and pain points)
  • Techniques for studying people, not markets
  • Skill enhancement for conducting better research: active listening, empathy-building, and observation

This workshop is based on an actual commercialization project. Participants will recreate the steps from scoping an innovation assignment, conducting exploratory research, framing insights and opportunities, ideating solutions, and developing product concepts all in accordance to best practices.

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Workshop Descriptions



  • Characteristics of leading innovators and how they approach learning
  • Best practices in conducting research
  • Strengths and weaknesses of various research approaches and requirements for studying people vs. markets
  • Agile learning and the killers of agility
  • Managing the front-end-of-innovation: best practices in scoping an assignment, framing insights, and developing an innovation roadmap



  • Conducting an ideation session (with hands-on practice)
  • Drafting concepts and a simulated co-creation exercise
  • Prioritizing ideas and concepts: methods to choose what to advance in your innovation process
  • Optimizing concepts: methods to prioritize product features and determine price sensitivity
  • Best practices for prototype testing and field testing
  • Developing learning plans for the FEI
  • The people side of innovation
    • Skill enhancement: active listening, empathy building, and observation (requisite skills for best-in-class learning)
    • Engagement strategies for study participants

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the workshop designed for?

The session is designed specifically for those in an innovation role within their organization and charged with bringing new products and services to market. Typical functional areas that participate include (but are not limited to) the following: product managers, research and development, customer insights, brand managers, and marketing.

How long is the workshop?

The workshop spans 2 days with 6-7 hours of content for each day.

How many people can participate?

For best results, we recommend 10-15 participants. The maximum number of participants is 15.

What advance preparation is required?

Completion of our TeamBuilder assessment.

Where is the workshop held?

Workshops are held at your place of work. The client assumes the responsibility for securing meeting space that will accommodate 15 people and breakout groups. Client is also responsible for any food and beverage catering.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Kip Creel at or call 404.963.9983.