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Improving Your Consumer Research in the Front-End-of-Innovation (FEI)

A More Human Approach

Successful innovation relies on the ideas and feedback of real people. Each person has unique abilities that can be leveraged throughout the innovation process, from understanding needs, to brainstorming, to building product concepts.

In this workshop, your team will learn how to improve the selection of consumers who are involved in your FEI efforts.

In doing so, you improve their overall engagement, achieve deeper insights, and deliver better results.

In addition to improving the outcome of your innovation research, knowledge of innovation archetypes provides a roadmap for your team’s skills.

In short, knowledge of innovation archetypes is an invaluable tool that gives each team member a deeper understanding of the people skills required for successful innovation.

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Module Descriptions

Quantitative Research



Understanding Behavioral Archetypes

“Who am I?

Knowledge of innovation archetypes begins with self-awareness: recognizing the basic elements and what they look like in practice. When we understand how these elements play out in our own lives, we can begin to apply that knowledge to our interactions with others.

The highly-interactive module provides a firm understanding of innovation archetypes, preparing the team for the eventual application of that knowledge during the FEI.

Participants will use a framework for understanding innovation archetypes derived from the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI).

As they explore the ways in which personal preferences for receiving and processing information affects virtually all aspects of one’s life and work, each participant will begin to appreciate how StandPoint pioneered the application of the MBTI to the selection of consumers in innovation research.



Becoming a Better Researcher & Innovator

Innovation relies on the quality of ideas and information exchanged between the innovator and the consumer, customer, or end-user.

The innovation archetype strongly impacts how ideas are expressed and heard as well as how feedback is given and received.

Innovation researchers need to possess strong observation skills, empathy, and the ability to listen actively. They also need to be able to enter the world of the study participant and hear their “story” accurately.

However, few researchers naturally possess all of these skills. Fortunately, knowledge of innovation archetypes helps us understand which of these skills fall within our natural strengths, which we need to work on, and how to use that knowledge to enhance innovation outcomes. Exercises to develop skills in active listening, observation, and empathy are an integral part of this module.

Participants will also recognize how innovation archetypes impact each step of the FEI: how to use archetypes to select study participants based on their strengths, how to encourage and enhance the contributions of all archetypes, how to respond effectively to the needs of each archetype in a group setting, and how to choose and structure activities to maximize engagement.

Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of their own natural skill sets, where they may excel as a researcher/innovator, and areas in which additional training will be beneficial to their career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the workshop designed for?

The session is designed specifically for those in an innovation role within their organization and charged with bringing new products and services to market. Typical functional areas that participate include (but are not limited to) the following: product managers, research and development, customer insights, brand managers, and marketing.

How long is the workshop?

The workshop consists of two modules that total 3 hours in length.

How many people can participate?

For best results, we recommend fewer than 10 participants.

What advance preparation is required?

Each participant is also required to complete our TeamBuilder Assessment online; there is no additional cost for doing this.

Where is the workshop held?

Workshops are held at your place of work. The client assumes the responsibility for securing meeting space that will accommodate 10 people and breakout groups. Client is also responsible for any food and beverage catering.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Kip Creel at or call 404.963.9983.