• Ignorance is Not Bliss!

    Ignorance is Not Bliss!

    In dealing with VOC, many feign ignorance to the “wider lens” of people that have VOC needs. Previously, we introduced you to Dr. Ron Adner’s book, The Wide Lens: What Successful Innovators See that Others Miss. Adner builds the case that our execution focused strategies have led to innovation failures because we have intentionally narrowed our vision t...

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  • Meet Your New BFF: Max Diff

    Meet Your New BFF: Max Diff

    Who? Okay, so Max Diff (Max) isn’t a person, but is an analytic technique known as Maximum Differential Analysis.  We’re not kidding about the BFF part.  If you don’t know Max, you need to. Why Max? A big challenge in new product development is prioritizing the features most important to end users.  A typical outcome of qualitative research and ideat...

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  • Grey Hair and Grey Matter

    Grey Hair and Grey Matter

      I really hesitated in writing an article about Insights. I could imagine the groans because this is the most overused word in my profession, but bear with me, as I would like to give you a different look. Let’s start off with defining what an insight is not. It is NOT a fact or data point. Rarely will an insight emerge from a single data point. In ...

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