Leveraging decades of behavioral science research to bring a more human approach to focus groups

A Modern Revamp of the Focus Group

Traditional focus groups are designed to explore perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes, and that’s it. Understanding behavior, emotions, and what truly motivates people is difficult to do in this format.

We is a revamp of the focus group that leverages the POWER OF TRUST to break down barriers. The speed and convenience of focus groups are maintained with impactful modifications allowing us to understand people in a deeper and more meaningful way.


  • No authority figure: a host and not a moderator
  • To build trust, relationship with host established in advance
  • Specially-trained facilitator
  • Personal touches with participants


  • These are guests, not respondents
  • Hosts, not moderators
  • You’re invited to a group, not recruited
  • Participants receive a gift, not an incentive


  • Show & tell exercises
  • Picture books and artifacts
  • Group and self video/pictures


  • Relaxation & trust-building activities to break down barriers
  • Lots of movement
  • Participants ask each other questions
  • Option for group to stay connected for continual learning


  • Participants are prepared in advance
  • Specially-designed tools to help convey feelings
  • Expert laddering to understand higher-order motivations
  • Extra screening to select those who index high on Storytelling


  • Customized for the audience
  • Conducive to conversations
  • No one-way mirror

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“We were exploring needs for HVAC filters. Not the most exciting topic. I tried StandPoint because I wanted these groups to be more creative. I was blown away. The participants put their heart and soul into a homework assignment. They took photos. We learned what motivates people to keep their homes clean, their concerns about air quality, and what goes through their mind when shopping. I had thought about ethnography, but these discussion groups exceeded my expectations.”

Insights ManagerFortune 100 Company

“It worked like magic. As soon as they realized we were all equals and we were really here to listen and understand, they opened up and explained what really bothered them day-to-day.”

Innovation ManagerFortune 500 Company