Our behavioral science framework proven to deliver better results

Ensure the Very Best Participants for the Job at Hand

Successful innovation relies on the ideas and feedback of real people. Each person has unique skills and abilities that can be leveraged in the innovation process from understanding needs, brainstorming, and building product concepts.

Our methods are based on understanding the innovation archetype of study participants and client teams, and using this information to maximize engagement, achieve deeper insights, and deliver better results.

Our proprietary assessment classifies people into one of four archetypes.

Archetypes at a Glance


  • Detail-oriented
  • Linear thinker
  • Organized
  • Fact-driven


  • Sociable
  • Experiential
  • Emotional
  • Motivated to help others solve problems
  • Skilled at facilitation, mediation, and articulation


  • Analytical
  • Critical
  • Synthesizer of information
  • Logical
  • Seeker of alternate solutions
  • Thrives on complex challenges


  • Insightful
  • Imaginative
  • Generative thinkers
  • Makes wholes from disparate parts
  • Naturally curious
  • Skilled at generation new solutions

Maximize Collaboration & Overall Results

In consumer research, TeamBuilder is used as a secondary screening tool to ensure we include the very best study participants for the job at hand. If we need new ideas, the preference is for the Creative and Problem Solver. If the goal is to dig deep on needs, pain points, and value drivers, the Storyteller is our top pick.

When working with large cross-functional teams, TeamBuilder is used to maximize collaboration and overall results of ideation and concept-building workshops.

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