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Forget traditional concept testing and purchase intent surveys. In B2B markets, surveys are expensive to scale and responses are low. As a result, some concepts advance with little quantitative data.

With Chooseology you can measure concept engagement and make better decisions!

Interest in an idea or concept can be judged by the effort individuals take to learn about it, and e-commerce and university research have proven the more a person engages with online content the more likely they are to buy. Chooseology simulates these behaviors so you can gauge the potential of your ideas and concepts.

Ideal for more complex product concepts and niche audiences, using Chooseology results in more data on concept potential than a standard survey, and more confident decisions.

How Chooseology Works

  • Category users are recruited from any sample source
  • Evaluators visit a simulated e-commerce site
  • Up to five concepts can be evaluated per session
  • Evaluators are asked to shop as they would on an e-commerce site
  • Twelve behavioral metrics are collect that measure the evaluator’s engagement with the concept
  • Optional custom questions can be asked after the simulated shopping exercise

How You Can Use Chooseology

  • Validate strength of multiple concept variants
  • Build more confidence in which concept to advance
  • Identify which features and benefits are driving choice
  • Potential to understand price sensitivity
  • Alternative to traditional surveys in that you collect more data among fewer customers/users

How Chooseology Benefits You

  • Measures engagement and behaviors when evaluating a range of highly-developed concepts or when evaluating a concept against established competitors
  • Ideal for high-involvement purchase categories where buyer spends considerable time researching options (most B2B, medical device, recreational products, automobiles, etc.)
  • Provides significantly more feedback versus conventional approaches — better option for smaller sample size B2B studies
  • Supports the best practice of testing a range of concepts to identify the winner among different options
  • Alternative to e-commerce transaction tests which are difficult to deploy, not confidential, and could disappoint customers
  • Incentivizes the respondent to stay engaged and pick the best option

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