Keeping it Real and Making it Happen

Keeping it Real and Making it Happen

In our last few blog postings, we’ve examined each of the Innovation Archetypes.  Storytellers have an amazing ability to articulate needs and pain points and should be a top choice in qualitative research.  As more generative thinkers, we often default to Problem Solvers and Creatives in brainstorming.

The Implementer, the focus of this article, makes up 30% of the adult population and brings some critical skills to innovation.

Implementers have strong situational awareness because they rely primarily on their senses when acquiring information. They excel at observing people in their natural environment, which is critical for ethnographies. Implementers miss few details and have an uncanny capacity to remember things.

In ideation, Implementers aren’t usually as fast and generative as the other archetypes. If given time to think, they will provide ideas that are thought out and realistic. Oftentimes, the best ideas are the simplest and most obvious. That’s the brilliance you can expect from Implementers.

Unfortunately, in ideation, Implementers feel the pressure to be generative and may shut down or become frustrated with the process. The good news: there are simple things to better engage this prevalent archetype.

If you are an Implementer, check your impulses to shoot down ideas that are not grounded in facts and reality. That skill is needed later when it comes time to synthesize the chaos of brainstorming into solutions.

Post brainstorming, Implementers are essential. Because they thrive on concreteness, they are outstanding when drafting concepts using language that is simple, direct, and descriptive.

We often say the world would fall apart without Implementers. It’s true. They are always on time and are the ones quietly moving mountains while the rest of us daydream. Innovation requires a spectrum of skills and capacities, and Implementers are the ones that keep things real and make things happen.

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