I Vote for the Human Brain

I Vote for the Human Brain

To further reinforce my geeky reputation, I’ve been reading about the advancements in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In my profession, there are voices that say Big Data and AI will automate the insights function. My opinion: these professionals still view themselves as data collectors and not data interpreters.

Each advancement in technology brings better and better tools for the collection, organization, and management of information. Still, it takes a human to look at the information and make sense of it.

The creative mind is essential to innovation, and neurobehavioral science has proven that the creative brain is physically different. Brain scans have shown that creative people simultaneously engage brain networks that don’t commonly work together. In fact, researchers have used the data from brain scans to accurately predict the creativity of a person’s ideas. Wow.

Last year, different researchers tested a language processing technology that assisted with the organization of massive amounts of social media Big Data and then submitted the output to a simulated ideation exercise.

Just as we do in a human-powered ideation session, the technology aided the identification of product concept themes by organizing common and related words. The software would then throw in a seemingly-unrelated or unexpected word to prompt more divergent thinking. Researchers concluded that the technology elevated the efficiency of the process and overall creativity of the ideas.

My point in all of this: just as technology has done for the past 30 years, this new tool elevated the outcome and efficiency of the process. However, it still took humans to generate the product concepts and to evaluate novelty.
better understand your creative potential
If you’d like to better understand your creative potential, take our TeamBuilder assessment. (We haven’t yet invested in brain scans to improve participant quality in our ideation sessions, but the thought has crossed my mind.)

The evidence is mounting that traditional psychometric tests like TeamBuilder (which is based on Myers Briggs®) correlate well with what scientists see under the microscope.

If, after taking the test, you need help interpreting the results and understanding how to apply TeamBuilder to your innovation goals, email me at kcreel@standpointgroup.com.

In addition to the creative mind, there are three other brain types that each contribute different things to your innovation goals. Starting next month, we will delve into the Storyteller. Stay tuned.

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