What’s YOUR Type?

By March 5, 2013 Product Development

Have you ever taken a skills assessment test like Myers-Briggs®? If so, what’s your type? Half the fun (or not) of these tests is sharing your results with co-workers and them nodding in agreement and saying things like “that is so you” or “this explains a lot.”

On Myers-Briggs®, for example, I tend to be an INTJ-Introvert / Intuitive / Thinking / Judging. The middle two scores (in my case, NT) correlate to my cognitive style – how I learn and process information. As a rule, NTs need to see the big picture before filling in the details. They are good problem solvers but need time and flexibility to think through issues. More importantly, there are purposeful ways to leverage the skills and abilities of NTs (and the other styles) in a team environment.
As product development specialists, we spend a significant amount of time working with individuals and teams generating new ideas and converting these ideas into product and service concepts. We are big believers in using these assessments to better understand our participants (and clients) before involving them in ideation sessions or co-creation workshops, for example. Armed with this advance insight, our facilitators can create the right experience to maximize the engagement and contributions of the team.  Given that we have a finite amount of time (and money), anything we can do to increase productivity is a step in the right direction.
Over the past two years, we have developed four archetypes we use in designing teams: The Organizer, The Problem Solver, The Creative, and The Storyteller.  
In concept development work, each of these individuals make a unique contribution to the overall process.  For example, The Creative is the best equipped to come up with new ideas. We often use The Problem Solver during concept refinement because the process is like completing a puzzle. The Storyteller is hard-wired to communicate needs and The Organizer will be the first to tell you why something won’t work.

So, where do you see yourself? Would you like to know? All are welcome to take our TEAMBUILDERTM assessment for free.  It takes 10 minutes, and is done online.  When done, I’ll give you the results, tell you how we’d utilize you in a team, and also arm you with smart retorts for when you share your results with co-workers. To take the assessment, email me kcreel@standpointgroup.com and I’ll send you a link.

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