Our award-winning process for managing the front-end of innovation and rapid pipeline fill

Winning Concepts Require the Right Team

SCORE is a collaborative process for concept development that starts with identifying customer needs and value drivers. This information is used to generate new ideas and involves multiple stakeholders in refining and optimizing the ideas.

A key difference with SCORE is the client team and customer team follow parallel paths and then come together at later stages in the process to co-create product concepts. This ensures all concepts are steeped in a customer need, have relevant benefits, and are written in the customer’s language.

The real-time learning from the customer ensures fully engaged and aligned client teams—a key success factor for winning concepts.


  • Establish innovation guardrails (industry, innovation, type, brand, target customer, what is in- & out-of-bounds)
  • Identify gaps in VOC and build a learning plan
  • Determine prioritization criteria/process for each step


  • Build empathy for end user
  • Get team aligned on insights
  • Develop opportunity areas
  • Prioritize opportunity areas


  • Generate new & unique solutions
  • Develop precepts
  • Prioritize precepts


  • Convert precepts into concepts


  • Prioritize concepts for advancement into Stage-Gate

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