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Quantitative Research Does Have a Role in Your Front End of Innovation

Innovation and insight generation in the front-end-of-innovation is NOT limited to ethnographies, focus groups, telephone interviews, and other qualitative research.

Quantitative research has an important role in your innovation process, but due to cost and complexity it must be used at the right time and for the right things.

In this informative 60-minute webinar, we show you the best application of various quantitative techniques in deciding which customer needs to address, deciding on the optimal benefits and features, pricing, and alternatives to measuring the often unreliable “purchase intent.”

This webinar is for anyone who relies on research to support innovation decisions: research and insight managers, product managers, and innovation managers. A statistics degree is NOT required!

Aligning Innovation Teams

Getting cross-functional teams aligned on a common vision and objective can be a daunting task. FEI assignments are the most effective tool at keeping teams focused on what really matters. Here are some best practices on keeping customer needs front & center.

A More Human Approach to Research & Innovation

The typical cross-functional team is organized around job responsibilities and expertise. This provocative whitepaper challenges the status quo and suggests how innovation teams can be optimized by organizing responsibilities around natural gifts and abilities.

Building Access for B2B VOC

Your return on investment in B2B Voice-of-the-Customer studies depends on the ability to access and engage the target customer. In this article, we provide best practices for maximizing the engagement and contributions of research participants in an online community.

Methods to Engage B2B Industry Professionals

Input from current or prospective target customers is an essential ingredient in your innovation efforts.The biggest challenge is obtaining access to the highest quality participants. There are several methods to consider, and each has its tradeoffs and requirements.