Mason, Jenna outdoors1Jenna is the Director of Client Service at StandPoint. She is responsible for the design and execution of primary research studies and reports.

Jenna’s experience spans from the client side to the supplier side of the business. She is a subject-matter expert on qualitative research. Jenna has extensive experience with focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnography, expert panels, bulletin boards, new product development research, product testing, branding research, ideation, and concept development.

Jenna is a business savvy researcher. She knows the entire research process, but also understands the valuable business implications involved with each study.

Jenna’s industry background includes healthcare and consumer packaged goods. Jenna started her career at Procter & Gamble (P&G) where she became a consumer expert while working on brands like Pampers, Olay, Zest and PUR. After 10 years at P&G, Jenna transitioned to a new role at UCB Pharmaceuticals where she spent 3 years managing a large research pipeline of both patient and professional market research projects.

Jenna received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry from The Georgia Institute of Technology. She is RIVA-certified and completed Burke’s ‘Moderating with Children’ course in addition to the extensive internal consumer understanding training that P&G offered.