Stop the Insanity

Stop the Insanity

Einstein from ShutterstockWe’ve all heard the famous quote from Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The quote seemed apt based on several conversations with current and prospective clients I’ve had in the past couple of weeks.

The conversation goes something like this…”Kip, we have a new product development mandate and we need take a deep dive on this target market’s needs and pain points. Once that is done, we’ll come back around later this year with some product concepts and gather some input. At some point next year, we’ll need a quantitative concept test to help us prioritize these concepts.”
To the research astute, the client just rattled off three different studies. We are in the research business, so these phone calls are always appreciated. Here’s the part you don’t know: the client is a business-to-business marketer, has some very obscure target markets, wants insights from four different countries, and will likely stretch these studies over an 18 month period.
This will not be quick and cheap. A lot can happen to a target market in 12-18 months. In that timeframe, product concepts could be based on needs or technologies that have evolved.

We have to stop this madness. In B2B, ad-hoc approaches to VOC studies are increasingly ineffective; we need to do more ongoing listening and observing. For the cost of one study, you can build a feedback infrastructure that will serve you for years and become part of the way your company does business. We think Customer Advisory Groups are an ideal solution. Click here for guidance on how to build one that will last


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